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National AccessAbility Week 2021

2021 National AccessAbility Week An iPad displaying the SACE website, UserWay accessibility plugin magenta icon and a walker.

Accessibility is defined as the quality of being easy to obtain or use. It can also be defined as the quality of being easily understood or appreciated. (Oxford Languages) National…

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National AccessAbility Week 2020

National AccessAbility Week, May 31 to June 6, 2020

To commemorate National AccessAbility Week 2020, we have drafted a brief accessibility summary of our services. The majority of the SACE team is currently working from home, connecting with clients,…

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Group Counselling Update

Header that says "Group Counselling Update." There are circles in purple and two shades of blue.

During this mandated period of social distancing, SACE continues to offer most of our services virtually. One exception is group counselling, as our efforts are focused on transitioning our Clinical…

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Digital Workbook for CALM 20

Graphic that says "Sexual Assault and Consent. Digital Workbook for CALM 20.|

In response to the suspension of in-person classes, the SACE Public Education team has created a virtual resource for teaching CALM 20 students about consent. This no-fee digital workbook is…

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