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The National Plan to End Gender-Based Violence is a 10-year strategy to support survivors and address the root causes of GBV. Add your voice to the discussion on how we can end gender-based violence in Alberta.
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The Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) believes that unique and specialized services should be available to all people, regardless of ethnicity, heritage, faith, gender, culture, age, social and financial status, ability, or sexual orientation. To improve our services, reduce barriers, promote equity, and increase inclusivity and accessibility, SACE has a Diversity and Inclusion Program dedicated to working collaboratively with community partners.

The Diversity and Inclusion team works in collaboration with service providers, settlement workers, community agencies, front-line workers, and diverse community groups at the grassroots level to build relationships, identify existing barriers, and promote community capacity building.

The committees and partnerships SACE is involved with include:

  • ACT Alberta
  • Chrysalis Society – An Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities
  • Edmonton Addiction Youth Services
  • Elizabeth Fry Society and Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre
  • EFVC (Ethnocultural Family Violence Committee)
  • EYOC (Edmonton Young Offenders Centre)
  • Family Violence Prevention Proclamation Event Committee
  • Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (IAAW)
  • LIT (Lives In Transition)
  • Millwoods Cultural Diversity Collaborative
  • PARIVAAR (Peaceful Alliance Rejecting Injustice Violence and Advocating Respect)
  • RAYE (Rainbow Alliance for Youth of Edmonton)
  • REACH Edmonton (Newcomers Consent Video Project)
  • Senior Immigrant Project
  • SEWG (Sexual Exploitation Working Group)
  • Temple Beth Ora Synagogue (Body Image from a Jewish Perspective)
  • Youth Attendance Centre

If you have a concern, question, or suggestion related to community inclusion at SACE, please call us or email

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