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Our vision is a community where people impacted by sexual violence are believed and offered caring guidance to heal, and the attitudes and behaviours that contribute to a community free of sexual violence are developed and sustained.

Below you can find links to our range of SACE education and support services. These essential, professional services are offered to people of all ages, genders, backgrounds, abilities, and sexual orientations.


All SACE services are available at no fee to individuals

Support & Information Line

Support and information is available from 9 am to 9 pm daily by phone, text, or chat, for anyone who has experienced sexual violence, and their supporters.

Two chairs angled towards each other and a small table with tissues suggest the homey feel of adult counselling services at SACE

Adult Counselling

Trauma counselling at SACE focuses on building emotional stability and providing tools to support clients with their healing. It is never too late to begin this journey.

Two beanbag chairs angled towards each other and surrounded by small therapeutic toys suggest the friendly feel of child and youth counselling services at SACE

Child & Youth Counselling

Trauma counselling for children and youth is tailored to the developmental level and needs of the young person, and is usually facilitated through play or creative expression.

SACE Services Group Counselling

Group Counselling

We offer a variety of processing groups for people to continue their healing journey in a community of people with shared experiences.

SACE Services Police & Court Support

Police & Court Support

Going to court can be confusing, scary, and triggering. Our Police and Court Support program is designed to help people through the whole process, whether they are a client of SACE services or not.

SACE Services Psychoeducation

Psychoeducation Workshops

Psychoeducation can improve understanding of trauma impacts and build tools for coping for people who have experienced sexual violence, and their supporters.

SACE Services Institutional Support

Institutional Support

We offer expert support to not-for-profit and for-profit organizations that are developing their own infrastructure and capacity to prevent and appropriately respond to sexual violence.

SACE Services Public Education

Public Education

We offer tailored education sessions and online courses for groups and communities to build their capacity to prevent, address, and to supportively respond to those impacted by sexual violence.

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