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We want you to know that what happened to you is not your fault, and you are not alone.

This section of our website is intended to provide information that may be helpful for individuals who have been sexually assaulted recently. If you are currently in danger, please call 911 for immediate help. If you are safe, browse this section and links to other pages below for helpful information. To safely and quickly exit from anywhere on this website at any time, you can click or tap the “Quick Exit” button on the top right of your screen.

Support & Information Lines

For anyone who has experienced sexual assault, abuse, or harassment recently, these support lines can help by providing supportive listening and information about sexual violence as well as tools for coping with trauma impacts, available resources, and options. The caller leads the conversation, and you will never have to discuss anything you don’t want to.

SACE Support & Information Line

Our Support and Information Line is available every day from 9 am to 9 pm by dialling 780.423.4121. This line is available for anyone who has experienced sexual assault or abuse, as well as to those who are supporting anyone impacted by it.

Alberta's One Line

Additional options are available from 9 am to 9 pm daily as part of our partnership on the Alberta One Line. To access this support by chat, click the ‘Get Support Now’ banner in the bottom right of the screen. For text, toll-free long distance, or for support through an interpreter for languages other than English, call 1.866.403.8000.

We always do our best to ensure that conversations on the support and information lines are confidential, but there are some circumstances in which we may have to break this confidentiality. If it is known or suspected that anyone under the age of 18 is being hurt, Albertans are legally obligated to make a report to Child and Family Services. Additionally, if we suspect someone might harm themself or others we may be required to reach out to authorities. In both of these instances contacting authorities is our last resort; we value and work to preserve the confidentiality of our calls.

Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

SART is a team of Registered Nurses who have specialized education in sexual assault care. They are trained to provide compassionate, confidential, and non-judgemental care to anyone who has been sexually assaulted in the last 7 days, who is 14 years of age or older.

There is a different process for children 13 years of age or younger: please see the Stollery Children’s Hospital box in the listing below.

Whether or not you receive medical attention following a sexual assault is up to you; you are in control of this process. This section provides options that are available to you if you decide to seek medical help in the Edmonton area.

What to expect

The SART nurse will offer a physical and genital exam to look for injuries that may have occurred from the sexual assault and can help to determine risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections if relevant. The nurse will help with any necessary treatments and provide information about follow-up care. For confidentiality, this examination will happen in a private, walled room.

The SART nurse can also arrange for you to talk to the police or RCMP (if you choose to report) and can help you find a safe place to stay (whether with friends, family, or in a shelter) if you do not feel safe going home.

How to access SART

You can access a SART nurse 24 hours a day by going to an emergency room of one of the Edmonton and area hospitals listed below. When you arrive, tell the triage nurse you would like to see the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) or that you’ve been sexually assaulted and they will contact the SART nurse on duty in the Edmonton Zone, who will come to the hospital you are at, typically in one to three hours.

Medical Care After Sexual Assault

Information regarding medical services for people in Alberta who have experienced sexual assault, including: Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs), medical sexual assault exams, and general medical care and emotional support.

Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital

Grey Nuns Community Hospital

Leduc Community Hospital

Misericordia Community Hospital

Northeast Community Health Centre

Royal Alexandra Hospital

Strathcona Community Hospital

Sturgeon Community Hospital

University of Alberta Hospital

WestView Health Centre

Family Doctor

Making an appointment with your family doctor can also be a good way to get medical help. If you do not have a family doctor, you can find an available doctor by using the tools listed on the Alberta Health Services website.

Stollery Children's Hospital

The Child and Adolescent Protection Centre (CAP) at the Stollery Children’s Hospital is able to help anyone who has been sexually assaulted in the last 3 days, ages 13 or under. This program is available through referral from Child and Family Services.

Emergency Shelters

If you do not have a safe place to stay following a sexual assault, there are several emergency shelters that may be able to help.

Below is a list of some of the shelters in the Edmonton area. For each of the shelters listed below, you can call the phone number provided to speak with a staff member about the intake process.

Alberta 211

As of the time this page was created, there are no shelters in Alberta specifically for men between the ages of 22 and 64 who are fleeing abuse or assault. To learn about other housing options, you can reach out to Alberta 211, a government and non-profit referral service, by dialing 211 within Edmonton or 1.888.482.4696 from outside of Edmonton.

Additional shelters in Alberta

To be automatically directed to a shelter near you in Alberta, you can dial 1.866.331.3933. Visit the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters website for a map of all emergency shelters for people fleeing abuse or assault in Alberta.

WIN House Logo

WIN House

(24-Hour Helpline and access to services)

People Served: women (trans femme, non-binary, and cis), with or without children

E4c Logo

Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre (WEAC)


People Served: individuals and families, including trans femme and people who are non-binary

Youth Empowerment And Support Services (YESS) Logo

Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS)


People Served: youth (15-21)

Nisa Homes Logo

Nisa Homes

extension 405

People Served: immigrant, refugee and Muslim women, with or without children

SAGE Seniors Association Logo

SAGE Seniors Safe House


(24-hour Seniors Abuse Helpline)

People Served: seniors (60+)

The shelters listed on this page are places that have expressed to us that they have trans-inclusive policies; however, they may still be structured and practice in ways that are gendered and do not account for all gender expressions and identities. The Pride Centre of Edmonton offers a service where they will contact these resources on your behalf.

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