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Practicum Program at SACE

Completing a master’s degree practicum with the clinical team at SACE offers an opportunity to learn while supporting diverse clients impacted by sexual violence. Practicum placements focus on developing clinical skills in supporting adults or children and youth, alongside the co-facilitation of process-based and psychoeducational groups. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to participate in case consultations, modality-specific consultations, individual supervision, group supervision, and professional development as a part of the SACE clinical team.

The practicum program at SACE works to support students in developing a trauma-centred, ethical practice, rooted within a feminist framework. The impacts of sexual violence are far-reaching and unique to each person. Within the counselling program at SACE, we support clients in healing while navigating the complex intersections of identity, experience, and sexual violence.

Practicum students will be supported to engage in this work through individualized supervision, which includes case conceptualization, implementation of the Canadian Psychological Association’s ethical decision-making model and supervisor review, and debrief of live and/or video-recorded sessions (contingent upon client consent). Awareness of, or openness to, learning about sexual violence, its impacts, and intersections, is an asset to those applying for practicum positions.

Practicum details

  • SACE accepts student applications from students completing the practicum portion of a master’s degree in counselling or social work. 
    • Application from other equivalent master’s-level programs may be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Applications are due January 31 of each year for placements starting in September of the same year. 
  • Successful candidates will be contacted in early February to schedule interviews. 
  • Interviews are completed in two rounds: 
    • The first round of interviews are group interviews. 
    • Successful candidates from the group interviews will then complete individual interviews. 
  • Practicums begin in September of each year and end in March/April. 
  • Practicums can be completed on a full- or part-time basis. This decision will be made on a case-by-case basis each year, and depend on applicants, office space, and supervision capacity. 
  • Practicum students need to complete the 70-hour Support and Information Line volunteer training either prior to commencing, or in the first half of their practicum. 
  • Valid and recent police intervention checks, child welfare checks, and student insurance must be provided prior to beginning placements. 
  • One week (4 days) of onboarding must be attended by all practicum students. 
  • SACE works a condensed work week (Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Students are only permitted to complete practicum duties within the agency’s working hours. 

To apply: Please send resume and cover letter to ac.ecasobfsctd@ofni, Attn: Selection Committee – Practicum Program.

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