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Any Unwanted Sexual Behaviour

Sexual Harassment includes any unwanted sexual behaviour that does not include touching of sexual body parts.

Sexual harassment can include:

  • Touching of non-sexual body parts (e.g. unwanted: massage, handholding, light grazing touches etc.)
  • Pressuring for sexual activity
  • Calling someone sexual names
  • Cornering, standing too close, blocking doorways
  • Obscene T-Shirts, hats, pins
  • Obscene language or jokes
  • Exposing oneself
  • Repeatedly asking someone to go out
  • Sexual gestures
  • Exposing someone to pornographic material
  • Spreading sexual rumours
  • Unwanted texts or emails
  • Embarrassing someone using sexual topics

Just like any other form of sexual violence, sexual harassment has the potential to be traumatizing for the people who experience it. If you are ever made to feel unsafe, unwelcome, embarrassed, or uncomfortable due to your gender or gender expression, sexual orientation, body, or sexual history, know that what has happened to you is not your fault. For emotional support, please call our 24-Hour Support and Information Line at 780-423-4121

If you feel that your workplace, working conditions, prospects for promotions or earnings, living accommodations, or access to public services are being affected by sexual harassment, you can file a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission. For more information see their Sexual Harassment Info Sheet.

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