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Consent is...

A freely-given yes! Anything else is a no!

The only person responsible for sexual violence is the person who chooses to cross another person’s boundaries. It is never the fault of the person who experiences it.


Consent can never be forced. This includes threats, pressure, guilt, bribery, blackmail and physical violence.


Consent is someone communicating “yes” with their words, tone and actions. It is not the absence of a “no”.


Only you can consent for you. Even if you’re dating or married you always need your partner’s consent.


Consent is given to specific people and to specific acts. Consent can’t be given ahead of time, only in the moment.


People can’t consent to sexual activity if they are highly intoxicated from drugs or alcohol, or if they’re sleeping or unconscious.

Consent is…

Freely given. Never assumed.

Printable PDF

A print copy of “Quick Facts for Youth” flyer is available for download.

Services for Youth

SACE provides free support to people of all genders, ages 3+, who have experienced sexual violence, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse.

Support & Information Lines

For anyone who has experienced sexual violence or who is supporting someone impacted by it, there are support services available through phone, text, or chat to provide callers with information, support, and referrals.

The conversation on these lines is led by the caller, and the caller will never have to talk about anything they don’t want to talk about.

9am – 9pm

SACE Support & Info Line


Alberta’s ONE LINE

Chat: > click the orange icon on the bottom right of the page.

Text, long distance & interpreter support:

Two beanbag chairs angled towards each other and surrounded by small therapeutic toys suggest the friendly feel of child and youth counselling services at SACE


SACE Counsellors provide up to 15 sessions of free counselling. Our counselling is non-judgmental and trauma-informed. This means that the counsellors work from a place of believing  and they know that sexual violence is never the fault of the person who experienced harm.

People under the age of 18 require consent from their guardian(s) to access counselling at SACE. If this is a concern, please talk about this with our intake worker.

Intake for counselling is done over the phone by calling our office.

Additional Resources For Youth

Need Help Now
Cyber bullying & non-consensual photo sharing

Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)


Medical service accessible through any Edmonton Zone hospital emergency room

CHEW Project
LGBTQ2S+ mental, social and sexual health support

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