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Community Engagement at SACE

The SACE Community Engagement Department includes our Community and Agency Development, Institutional Support, Public Education, Volunteer Services, and Support and Information Line programs.

Our Community Engagement team is diverse, in not only our roles, but also our experience and expertise. Despite our many differences, we are united by our passion for the work we do, and our commitment to end sexual violence.

Each year, Community Engagement connects with tens of thousands of people through our direct education and outreach activities in Edmonton and surrounding area. Our impact extends across the province with our Support and Information Lines, and even further through our online courses, virtual resources, and social media presence. We are proud of and humbled by the scale in which we are connecting with people who want to find support and learn more about the issue of sexual violence.

Yet, some of the most meaningful moments of our work are the ones that cannot be quantified: Hearing a caller on our Support and Information Line open up about an experience they have never shared with anyone. Making a new connection with a community organization to strengthen our network of supports. Receiving a message from a community member who learned something from our online content. Seeing a young person model empathy and vulnerability using skills they learned in WiseGuyz. These moments remind us why our work matters.

Your donations help SACE offer no-fee services and support to thousands of individuals affected by sexual violence in Edmonton every year.

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