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Community Engagement

The 20212022 year brought much change to the Community Engagement department.

Some of our most senior team members departed SACE for new and exciting opportunities this year. As challenging as it was to see these phenomenal people move on from their full-time roles, we were fortunate to retain a few as contractors to provide continued mentorship and support. It’s also been exciting to see remaining staff settle into leadership roles, and new staff bring energy, ideas, and diverse experiences and perspectives to our team.

Along with the staff changes, CE has had to continue to manage the shifting landscape caused by COVID-19. For the second year, our services were delivered almost entirely online. Fortunately, CE has proved time and again how incredibly adaptable and versatile we can be. Despite the challenges associated with online service delivery, we are truly stronger than ever, and providing more services, to a larger demographic, than ever before.

The SACE Community Engagement department is home to our community-facing programs: the SACE Support and Information Line, Public Education, Institutional Support, Community and Agency Development, Community Outreach, and Volunteer Services. In addition to the external work our team completed this past year, we put a strong focus on internal development and growth. A few examples include:

In fall 2021, the Community Engagement department participated in an all-staff mandatory eight-week in-depth anti-racism and anti-oppression training hosted by consultants from the Centre for Race and Culture.
Members of the team completed The First Nations Principles of OCAP® training to support our understanding of best practices in data collection and management, and respectful relations with Indigenous communities and individuals supported by SACE.
All CE staff were given the opportunity to be trained in administering nasal Naloxone so that we may respond in the case of an accidental drug poisoning either in our office, or while we are out in the community.
A group of CE staff created an in-depth internal resource titled Honouring September 30th: A Guided Workbook, which was completed by all CE staff, and has been used as a tool for holding ongoing conversations on how we can decolonize our work and engage with Indigenous communities in meaningful ways.

This ever-expanding basis of knowledge our team cultivates on topics that intersect with the issue of sexual violence gives us the foundation we need to continue to innovate and strengthen our sexual violence prevention and support services, and to provide the wrap-around support that makes SACE so essential and unique.

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