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Consent Public Education

The best way to prevent sexual violence is to empower communities and individuals with accurate, non-victim blaming information.

The SACE Public Education team empowers individuals and communities to take action against sexual violence. To accomplish this, SACE delivers presentations, workshops and seminars, distributes brochures and educational materials, and attends community events.

By providing information about sexual violence and how it can impact someone who has experienced it, the Public Education team at SACE works to counter the normalization of sexual violence in our community and increase the support available to people who have experienced abuse. The SACE Public Education team also assists organizations in responding to sexual violence through our Institutional Support Program.

To learn more and to book a presentation, email us at or call SACE at 780.423.4102 and ask to speak to a Public Educator. If you are booking a presentation for youth (schools, community groups, clubs, etc.), you have the option to fill out the SACE Public Education Booking Form – Youth Sessions instead. You can also request SACE pamphlets and other educational materials, or have SACE set up a booth at your agency fair or event.


Our SACE public education team facilitates age-appropriate sexual violence education to youth over the age of 12. In addition to speaking to youth in schools, SACE public educators have conversations with youth in care, in community groups, and at other organizations. SACE is an approved vendor with the Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB), and also works with many Catholic and rural school districts. To book a presentation for youth, email us at, call SACE at 780.423.4102 and ask to speak to a Public Educator, or fill out this form. See below for examples of the educational sessions available to youth.

Sexual Assault & Consent
Grades 8-12
  • Rates of sexual assault in Canada
  • Definitions of sexual assault, child sexual abuse, consent, and coercion
  • Ages of consent to sexual activity in Canada
  • How to assess consent using age-appropriate examples
  • Challenging victim blaming
  • Supporting a friend who has experienced sexual assault/abuse
  • Resources available for people who have been impacted by sexual violence
Non-Consensual Photo Sharing
Grades 7-12
  • Definitions of sexual harassment, sexual assault, consent, and coercion
  • Discussion of consent and abuse as they are related to photo sharing
  • Photo sharing and the law
  • Age appropriate scenarios to help youth understand when photo sharing is happening without consent
  • Supporting a friend who has experienced non-consensual photo sharing
  • Resources available for people who have been impacted by non-consensual photo sharing
Sexual Harassment
Grade 7
  • Definition of sexual harassment
  • Prevalence of sexual harassment using age appropriate examples
  • Different types of sexual harassment
  • Tools for recognizing sexual harassment
  • Impacts of sexual harassment
  • Supporting a friend who is experiencing sexual harassment
  • Resources available for people who have been impacted by sexual harassment

In addition to providing professional development sessions, SACE also provides educational sessions to adults involved in community groups and programs (e.g. athletic, leisure, art, religious, parent, and youth-serving groups), adults with developmental disabilities, and adults receiving support from community services (e.g. adults in addiction facilities, adults recovering from domestic violence, etc.). Below are some examples of educational opportunities available to adults:

Adults Receiving Support from Community Services

Possible topics of interest include: sexual assault information, child sexual abuse information, adults who were sexually abused as children, and some common potential impacts of trauma related to sexual abuse.

Adults with Developmental Disabilities

SACE facilitators can help give adults with developmental disabilities tools to talk about and identify sexual abuse through discussions on relationships, boundaries, offender behaviour, feelings after sexual abuse, and safe people to talk to about sexual abuse.

Community Groups & Programs

Possible topics of interest for adults involved in community groups and programs may include: sexual assault information, sexual harassment information, sexual abuse as it relates to children and youth, creating safer spaces, and responding to disclosures of sexual abuse.

Parent Information Sessions

A parent information session can be tailored for parents of children and youth. Possible topics include child sexual abuse, youth and sexual abuse, youth and consent to sexual activity, non-consensual photo sharing, internet luring, and how to respond to disclosures of sexual abuse from children and youth.

The SACE Public Education team offers professional learning opportunities to employers and employees on a variety of topics related to sexual violence. The Public Education team will work with you to create a session tailored to your needs. See below for examples of the professional learning opportunities available to your organization.

If your company, organization, or community group is seeking to create an environment that responds supportively and appropriately to sexual violence, please click here.

Child Sexual Abuse Information

This session is for people who work with children under the age of 12. This session provides participants with an in-depth understanding of child sexual abuse, potential indicators and impacts, as well as how to respond to disclosures from children. Optional activities and role-play scenarios give service providers the knowledge and skills needed to address the issue of child sexual abuse.

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Abuse

This session can be tailored for individuals who work with any age group. Participants receive an in-depth understanding of child sexual abuse, ages of consent, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. Participants will learn how individuals may be uniquely impacted by trauma related to sexual abuse as well as how to best support people who are experiencing these impacts. Specific strategies for responding to disclosures of sexual abuse are explored. Optional activities and role-play scenarios give participants the skills and knowledge to adequately address the issue of sexual violence.

Youth, Sexual Violence and Technology

This session provides service providers with information regarding youth and consent, internet luring, and non-consensual photo sharing amongst peers. Participants are empowered to respond to instances of non-consensual photo sharing in a non-victim blaming and supportive manner. Optional activities and role-plays are available.

5 Minute Friend


5 Minute Friend is a three hour, highly interactive and industry-specific sexual violence response and bystander intervention training for folks working in nightlife and hospitality environments. The program offers knowledge and skills for identifying predatory or non-consensual behavior and safely and appropriately intervening. 5 Minute Friend is endorsed by AGLC’s Best Bar None Program. To discuss a training, please contact

Safe Preschooler’s Education and Awareness Kit

This training is designed for professionals who engage in on-going learning with children ages 3-5. Participants receive a SPEAK kit that consists of 12 lesson posters, a training manual, and a puppet. Training includes information on child sexual abuse, potential indicators of abuse, and how to respond to disclosures of sexual abuse from children. Participants also learn how to integrate the SPEAK kit into their daily learning activities.

For more information about SPEAK see For Preschool Children below.

Frontline and Advocacy Workers in Newcomer and Refugee Communities


SACE facilitators can provide information to and engage with service providers about a range of topics related to working with and supporting survivors of sexual violence within the communities they serve. Possible topics of interest include: sexual violence information; exploring consent within cultures; post-traumatic growth and resilience; immigration status and consent; how to support survivors; responding to disclosures; how to report; navigating the legal system; youth, sexual violence & technology; age of consent, and; child sexual abuse information.

Tailored Sessions

A tailored session can cover a wide variety of issues related to sexual violence and can be adapted to fit into a pre-determined time slot.

SACE Public Educators are also certified to facilitate a comprehensive, two-day training developed by the Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Services (AASAS). This First Responders to Sexual Assault & Abuse Training™ is designed for professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge of the full continuum of sexual violence across the lifespan, as well as how to effectively respond to disclosures of sexual abuse.

With 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys in Canada experiencing sexual abuse before the age of 18, SPEAK is an essential program that is being used by an increasing number of organizations and schools to address the issue of child sexual abuse in our community. SPEAK is designed to empower children with knowledge about their feelings and their bodies. SPEAK conveys a powerful message to children about their right to grow up abuse free.

The Safe Preschoolers Education and Awareness Kit (SPEAK) was developed by the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) to be used as a training program for preschool and early elementary teachers to use with students ages 3-5 in their classrooms to address the issue of child sexual abuse. SPEAK 4-6 hour long information sessions are facilitated by SACE’s Public Education team, providing teachers and child care workers information on child sexual abuse, and teaching them how to use SPEAK with their students. During the information sessions our Public Educators offer detailed information on how to identify indicators of sexual abuse, how to respond to children’s disclosures, and how to report child sexual abuse. Facilitators also provide an information session for parents whose children will be learning the kit in their classrooms.

The contents of SPEAK include 12 concept posters, an instruction manual, parent information, a puppet, coloring posters, and instructional activities. Participants also learn how to integrate the SPEAK kit into their daily learning. The purpose of the kit is to give children the tools they need to understand and communicate experiences of child sexual abuse to trusted adults. For children who do not experience abuse, the tools and general life skills will still be of benefit, as the primary messages taught in the kit focus on communication and the expression of feelings. SPEAK will promote affection and caring, and explain to children how to distinguish a good, caring touch from touches that make them feel uncomfortable. Children are encouraged to trust their feelings and to express their feelings. Building self-esteem in children is one of the best ways to protect them against sexual assault, and is also an effective tool in avoiding post-assault shame and self-blame.

For more information on SPEAK, or to book a SPEAK training session for your organization, please call SACE and ask to speak to a Public Educator.

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