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Support & Information Line
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SACE volunteers provided over 300 hours of phone support to Edmontonians and Albertans impacted by sexual violence during the Support and Information Line Program 2021-2022 year.  They also contributed to over 250 hours of text and chat support on the One Line. We are so thankful for all the hard work, dedication, and energy our volunteers give to the SACE SIL and One Line!

The Support and Information Line (SIL) continues to be a cornerstone program at SACE.  The program relies on over forty highly trained volunteers to provide specialized support to folks impacted by sexual violence, in addition to our staff team. SACE support line volunteers also play a key role in supporting the work of Alberta’s One Line for Sexual Violence. This province-wide phone, text, and chat line gives all Albertans a place where they are listened to, believed, and supported in their experiences of sexual violence.

Training highlights

Volunteer Services runs two trainings per year to recruit new volunteers to provide support on the lines. Once again this year, training was exclusively provided via Zoom; the upcoming fall 2022 cohort will experience our first-ever hybrid training.

Working on the lines is a coveted volunteer position, and once again, we received many more applications than available training spots. In the 2021-2022 year we had over twenty new volunteers successfully graduate onto the line! And it’s not just volunteers who attend the 70+ hours of training: new SACE staff participate in this training as well. Staff provide on-call debrief support for the lines, and act as a back-up for calls that come through when all volunteers are already busy on the line.

This past year was not only focused on training new volunteers and new staff. Volunteer Services staff developed and facilitated the first ever staff on-call refresher training. The purpose of this three-hour training was to increase staff’s knowledge, skills, and confidence regarding their on-call work. Post-training participant survey responses were universally favourable, and we intend to offer this refresher every year going forward.

Operations highlights

Every month, Volunteer Services meets with the One Line Operations Committee, which includes staff from the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS) and Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA). These monthly check-in meetings ensure the phone, text, and chat support on Alberta’s One Line for Sexual Violence continues to run effectively. Not only do these meetings strengthen our professional relationships with member agencies, they also greatly contribute to the program auditing process.

This year an exciting update came in the form of a brand new technological enhancement that gave us the ability to better schedule staff on-call shifts. Being scheduled for on-call phone line work is part of almost all job descriptions at SACE, and now staff can benefit from a schedule that is more balanced and efficient. The enhancement also increases capacity for Volunteer Services staff, reduces overtime work, and improves our data tracking.

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