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Police & Court Support
third-party referrals to the PACS Program
self-referrals to the PACS Program
hours of police, court, & crown accompaniment
hours of professional consultation, case management, or advocacy

The SACE Police and Court Support program provides regular check-ins, informational resources, police and court forms and materials, referrals, and self-care strategies to clients. They also provide accompaniment and advocacy for clients at court, police detachments, meetings with the Crown prosecutors, and liaise with other professionals. Each of these interactions is provided with compassion, and creates space for the client’s emotional needs.  

Police and Court Support (PACS) at SACE focuses on supporting individuals who are navigating or considering navigating a police/court process. The program’s clients vary; individuals may be: looking for support and information around reporting; actively involved in court processes; looking to a community resource to help navigate systems after disheartening experiences with police in the past or present; or simply looking for information and resources.

Police and Court Support program 2021 – 2022 collaborations

The collaborations we engaged in over the year demonstrate the PACS program’s expansive reach. Multiple jurisdictions coordinated with PACS to ensure that clients were effectively supported, including locations across the Edmonton region, Fort McMurray, Calgary, Athabasca, and the Northwest Territories.

PACS is also a part of the Alberta Specialized Police and Court Support Network. In early 2022, the network was nominated for the 2022 Community Justice Award in Service Enhancement through Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. This nomination reinforces the importance of specialized police and court supports for people who have experienced sexual violence.

The value of having a Police and Court Support Advocate present while clients are speaking to police is being embraced by police agencies. This year, PACS worked with Edmonton Police Services and RCMP to provide accompaniment support during client interviews, using the SACE group room to facilitate police and client meetings in a safer-feeling community space. Working together in this way has provided clients with support before, during, and after these meetings.

Clients have shared the following comments about the Police and Court Support program:

“I think it’s an amazing service, the court system does not make things easy for victims and the court support really helped me feel more in control with what was happening.

“Police and Court Support Advocate [PACSA] was wonderful and exactly the kind of support I needed. Thank you to the whole organization for everything you’re doing to support victims of sexual assault.”

“I only wish I had reached out to SACE before my local resources.” 

It was nice to have someone who took the time to make sure I had a private spot available, etc. [PACSA] made herself available within 24 hours, as I was suddenly dropped by my local victim services two days before court. [PACSA] cleared her schedule for my trial.

It would have been way worse if [PACSA] wasn’t there… I knew the statistics…

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