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Diversity Inclusion and Equity

Despite the persistent challenges of COVID-19, the SACE team has remained committed to finding unique ways to meet the needs of the diverse communities in our city, and promote diversity, inclusion, and equity at SACE.

Supporting older adults who have experienced sexual violence

In summer 2021, SACE launched an education session titled Supporting Older Adults Who have Experienced Sexual Violence. This workshop was created as a collaborative effort between Public Education, and the Older Adults Inclusion Committee, in consultation with older adults and community service providers.

Along with the education, we also launched a Learn article and print resource to address the issue of sexual violence perpetrated against seniors and older adults.

Strengthening connections with Indigenous communities

Some of the Indigenous Community Liaison’s activities in the 2021-2022 included:

On National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021, SACE welcomed an Indigenous Community Liaison to our team. The purpose of this new positions is to build relationships with Indigenous communities, offer education, and conduct consultation on service delivery for sexual violence prevention.

Creation of an Indigenous crisis resource card
Relationship-building with Indigenous communities, organizations, and individuals in Edmonton and surrounding area
Creation and distribution of 100 self-care packages for Indigenous community members
Facilitating a smudge of the newly renovated playroom with Kookum Ruth Cardinal de Ubiera

Enhancing accessibility at SACE 

In recognition of National AccessAbility Week 2021, SACE launched an Accessibility Community Scan to determine what kind of resources are needed by SACE clients, and by the clients and staff of our community partner agencies. The feedback from this survey is being used to inform our programming and services. 

The SACE website was also updated with photos of our office, and information on the physical accessibility of our space, communication accessibility, chemical sensitives and allergies, and light sensitives. 

A photo of the SACE foyer shows the elevator, a sign with contact info, and the main reception desk
SACE services being offered in the boardroom, with workbooks and fidget toys arranged on the long table for participants

Committees & community collaborations 

To improve our services, reduce barriers, promote diversity, inclusion and equity, and increase accessibility, SACE staff collaborate between program areas on a number of internal committees. 

Internal Collaboration in 2021-2022:

2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion Committee
Accessibility Committee
Equity & Anti-Oppression Committee
Indigenous Inclusion Committee
Newcomers, Immigrants & Refugees Inclusion Committee
Older Adults Inclusion Committee
Youth Offending Behaviour Resource Committee

Staff also work in collaboration with service providers, settlement workers, community agencies, front-line workers, and diverse community groups at the grassroots level to build relationships, identify existing barriers, and promote community capacity building. 

Some of our external collaborations in 2021-2022:

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