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Client Care
total intakes across all Clinical programs
crisis appointments

The Client Care program is a critical part of the Clinical Services department at SACE. Over the last year, the Client Care team completed hundreds of intakes for people accessing our range of clinical programs and services. This process includes speaking with prospective clients about the scope of SACE services, informing them about wait times, and holding space for the emotions that come with learning this. The team also ensures that clients have access to the resources they need while waiting, including referrals to other agencies, housing support, addictions support, legal aid, and cultural programming.

In addition to completing intakes, resourcing, and making referrals, the Client Care team identifies and advocates for clients in moments of crisis. While many people reach out to SACE in moments of significant hardship, identifying and triaging clients for crisis support sessions requires the ability to differentiate between dysregulation and crisis. The nuances in doing so require this team to assess personal and environmental risk, and to determine the client’s capacity to move through the challenges they are facing. Through this advocacy, the Client Care team works to create the foundation of safety and care for those accessing services at SACE.

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