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Child & Youth Counselling
counselling sessions
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of children demonstrated a reduction in trauma symptoms

In the 2021-2022 year our Child and Youth Counselling program continued to grow, with the addition of three new counsellors dedicated specifically to supporting young people impacted by sexual violence. This small but mighty team of five counsellors has supported hundreds of clients in the last year.

This year our team completed 359 sessions focused on supporting parents who are navigating the challenges associated with supporting children and youth impacted by trauma. This number does not include the hours spent providing this support via telephone and email.

Across all programs, we have observed the complexities that both COVID-19 and our social climate have added to the world of our clients; this is especially apparent in working with children and youth. As systemic change continues to shift capacities in community service agencies, this has decreased the time and resources available to support children and youth navigating learning challenges, housing insecurity, suicidal ideation, and complex psychiatric presentations.

The counsellors here at SACE work not only to create space for children and youth to process the impacts of child sexual abuse and other forms of sexual violence, but also act as advocates for kids and families as they navigate complex and nuanced systems. As we consider the care we provide to children and youth, we reflect not only on what we can do to support the child in front of us and how we can bring together networks of care to create long-lasting and impactful change.

“I see myself as worth something now.”

– SACE Client

“I know now what is important is not how others see me, but how I see who I want to become.”

– SACE Client

“In the absolute worst time of our family’s life SACE was there providing support for our child and us as we navigated what moving forward could look like.”

– parent of a SACE Client

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