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Adult Counselling
individual adult counselling sessions
of clients had a reduction in trauma symptoms
of clients reported increased understanding of the effects of sexual abuse/assault
of clients felt their counsellor understood the impact sexual violence had on them

This year the SACE adult counselling program undertook a major update to our counselling student practicum program.

The environment of learning, which is foundational in the clinical programs at SACE, creates a rich and collaborative space for those entering the field to develop an ethical and informed practice. The adult counselling program and other SACE counselling programs draw students from across the province to apply for practicum placements within our agency. Attaining a placement within our counselling programs is a competitive process, as we receive upwards of 20 applicants before our cut-off each year for the two or three placements available.

In 2021-2022, we launched our newly redeveloped Adult Counselling program practicum framework. We welcomed three new counselling students, the first to trial the new approach. Shifts made to the program included training in case note writing, participation in mock sessions, observation of live sessions, video and live observation of student sessions, group supervision focused on ethical practice, guest group supervision, co-facilitation of group therapy, and collaboration and mentorship from senior members of the Adult Counselling team. Guest supervision allowed students to learn and receive feedback from a diverse group of practitioners who also began their careers at SACE. Developing a robust practicum program adds capacity to the clinical team, allowing an additional 74 clients to access support this year. Additionally, the learning that students access during their time with SACE equips them to more effectively support those impacted by trauma and sexual violence in diverse settings.

Student feedback

“Completing a practicum at SACE entails a broad legibility of my skills in trauma work. This was a major goal of mine due to the widespread recognition of trauma’s varied and constant manifestations in most populations; whether I wind up in post-secondary or in private practice or in another agency I think my practicum means I am in many ways over prepared for the average client (my preferred way to be prepared).” 

“I think SACE provided an immense amount of growth and education with different approaches to trauma work. It is both incredibly supportive and challenging, and truly allows for a solid base of knowledge for continuing to grow.” 

Feedback from clients of our Adult Counselling program

“This is the most successful course of therapy I think I’ve ever had, I have accomplished so much more than I thought possible in a relatively short period of time – it’s shocking.” 

“You were a safe haven for me to understand, prepare myself, and start my journey to finally accept and end this chapter.” 

“I feel confident in saying that my sessions with [my therapist] have saved my life. Our work gave me my life back.” 

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